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At Halsey Farms, we believe in quality, and that’s what we offer in all our farm products.

We bale and sell the 1st and 2nd cutting of Grass, Alfalfa, Wheat Straw, and Grass/Alfalfa Mix as a round bale, 4’ x 5’ in size, net-wrapped. Custom round baling services are also available.

Small square bales of Alfalfa/Grass mix and Wheat Straw are from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th cuttings, in 50-60 pound, poly-twine bales.

Halsey Farms provides local delivery within 150 miles, and can haul up to 34 round bales or 500 small square bales per load.

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Current Harvest


Large Round Bales, 
700-900 lbs., 
$60 each


Large Round Bales, 
1,000-1,200 lbs., 
$65 each

Alfalfa & Grass/Alfalfa Mix

Big Round, 
$70 per bale


Small Squares
50-60 lbs.
$6 each


Small Squares 
50-60 lbs. 
$7 each

Grass/Alfala Mix

Small Squares 
50-60 lbs. 
$8 each

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call David at 517-403-5668.
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