Custom Farm Services Available

Lenawee County Michigan Farming

Halsey Farms provides custom planting and harvesting services in Southeast Michigan. We operate state-of-the-art machinery to maximize our efficiency. We can help keep the crops moving if your combine or other equipment breaks down. 

Every day that crops are matured and waiting, you are potentially losing yield because of weather, animals, etc. 

Hay Mowing and Hay Baling
We offer small and large baling services for straw and hay. Custom hay mowing and baling are common in parts of Michigan where people have small patches of hay but don’t want to own the equipment needed to mow, rake and bale themselves. 

Custom Hay Baling
We also offer local custom hay baling. We can mow, rake, condition and bale your hay or straw in square or round bales. 

Custom Bale Wrapping
Protect your hay for longer-lasting quality. Hay bales are configured to dry and preserve the nutritional value of the plants bundled. 

Custom Harvesting
We can service farms throughout Lenawee County, Michigan needing help with harvesting their crops.

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