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Farming is our life, raising quality cattle is our passion. Show cattle born and raised at Halsey farms have the best of both worlds – roamin’ free across our fields, plus individualized attention to their health, moods, training, and growing stages. From conception through birthing through nursing and beyond, our family cares for each calf as if it were a part of our family, not just another piece of livestock.

Club calves born at Halsey Farms are the ideal choice for 4-H livestock showings and include a variety of cross-breeds such as Charolais cattle, Simmental cattle, and cross-bred angus. We know how to raise show calves, because the Halsey kids showed their livestock annually, and consistently did well among the competition. It’s that individual attention that we believe makes a difference in the health of our show calves, and ultimately makes a difference when it comes time for competition.

Our goal is to always offer quality show cattle for sale, promising you the honesty and integrity that we’d look for in a business relationship.

Show cattle and club calves are available for viewing, please give us a call for a personal appointment.
club calves bred at halsey farms
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